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Name: Haemmerlin Colossus 300L Wheelbarrow

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Haemmerlin Pro Select Colossus 300LTR Wheelbarrow: The Haemmerlin Colossus wheelbarrow certainly lives up to its name! The Colossus has the largest capacity of the full Haemmerlin wheelbarrow range at a huge 300LTRS. The tray is the biggest possible to allow for maximum carriage capabilities. The frame on this model has been designed to withstand the large weight limit and benefits from a superior tubular frame, it also has a reinforced axle with a double layer of thick steel which allows the weight to pass through the wheels. Despite its large capacity the colossus maintains a reasonable weight itself due to the lightweight polypropylene material tray, with the added benefit of large twin pneumatic wheels to allow for ease of carriage this wheelbarrow is ideal for larger loads and heavy transportation needs

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