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Grazing Muzzles 

If you're looking to limit grass intake, grazing muzzles are an effective and affordable way to achieve this. Whether you want to put them on temporarily for a couple of hours or all day whilst they are out in the field, we stock grazing muzzles that have been designed for comfort and to prevent horses from consuming too much grass.

Ideal for laminitic ponies and overweight horses, the grazing muzzle still allows the horse to eat some grass, but much less than they would be able to consume without it on. They are still able to drink whilst wearing a grazing muzzle.

At Broomfields Farm, we have a variety of different sizes and designs available, making it easy to find a grazing muzzle that will fit your horse or pony. Please note that it's important to fit the grazing muzzle correctly and ensure that it isn't too small so that it rubs or too big that it gets caught.

Despite the grazing muzzles coming in all shapes and sizes, ultimately they still do the same job; restrict the amount of grass intake and help with weight management.

To find out more about grazing muzzles or for help finding the best one for your horse or pony, either give us a call, drop us a message or visit us in store! Our friendly and experienced team are always on hand to help you and your four-legged friend.
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